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Monday, July 30, 2007

Web video -- Joost

Joost could potentially change the way people watch television. The technology enables the broadcast of TV-quality video over the Internet, and allows people to stream real TV programs from networks like MTV and National Geographic. It also features search, chat and instant messaging, built right into the interface. Much like TiVo, Joost does not restrict you to schedules, allowing you to watch what you want whenever you want. But unlike TiVo, Joost is completely free, and works with most PCs and Intel Mac-based computers with a broadband connection. So far the invitation-only, ad-supported service has more than 800,000 registered users.

CEO: Mike Volpi

Location: London, England


Launch: Mid-2006

Funding: $45 million (Index ventures, Sequoia Capital, Li Ka Shing Foundation, CBS Corporation, Viacom)

-Via: CNN Money
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