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Monday, July 30, 2007


Software major IBM on Friday announced launch of innovations such as artificial intelligence in vehicles and traffic management systems, voice recognition technology and traffic-related information transfer through cell phones. By introducing these revolutionary transport innovations, IBM believes these could revolutionize the transport system. The innovations would make travelling by planes, trains or automobiles a more convenient and hassle free experience within the next few years, a company release said.

It would also curtail fuel wastage and incidence of accidents. "Researchers and strategists at IBM think that the cure for transportation problems is not building more roads or adding flight," IBM India Research Laboratory director Daniel Dias said. The emerging technologies especially in communication will make travel safer, more streamlined and able to accommodate ever-increasing growth demands, he said.

Under the driver-assist technologies, automobiles would behave as if they have reflexes. They could sense other cars and avoid hazards. They would also be able to exchange information with each other, take corrective action where it was appropriate and provide essential feedback to drivers. The voice recognition systems in vehicles would al. low drivers to get real-time flight updates, respond to e. mails and get directions through simple voice commands, the company said.
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