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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Extracting media from .Ram file

To save a Real Media file you simply do the below steps:

  • Save the .Ram file on to your desktop. It will be a small file size.
  • After it is saved to your desktop,open the .Ram file with NOTEPAD.
  • Once opened you will see the link to the .Rm file which is the LARGE file.
  • Copy and paste that URL in say a messageboard such as this.
  • Then PREVIEW the message (would be silly to post it) - RIGHT CLICK on the link and hit 'SAVE AS'

Or just save the url in to a word document etc and save it as a .htm web page and open the web page and right click the "save target as".

The file should be downloading now!

PS: This would not work if the link inside the notepad is indirectly linked trough JS.

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