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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How to add a SWF file to an Adobe PDF File

Anything that you produced in Flash and saved as a SWF or FLV file can be added to an Adobe Acrobat 9 file: Add animations, interactive maps, you name it. If you’re a Flash developer you can use ActionScript.

Go up to Multimedia in the tool bar, and choose the Flash Tool. To add the content, we can click and drag to draw where the multimedia is going to go within that box, or we can simply double click and the Flash file will be placed at that point at 100 percent of its size.

When you Double click on your document, the Insert Flash dialog box opens. Either choose the file with the Browse button, or you can stream an SWF file from a server by entering a URL. Choose “Snap to content proportions” to keep the SWF file in the right perspective (unless you don’t want it to be).

Click OK, and your Flash file will be in place. Note the Play button on the file: Click that to activate the Flash file within your PDF.

from Acrobat 9 Pro: Creating Multimedia Projects with Brian Wood
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