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Wednesday, April 16, 2008 - New online tool for brand managers opens up the ad industry by bringing creative talent and buyers together, bypassing obstacles to creative thinking and reaching across the world with, ‘out of the box’ thinking

A new online marketplace for the creative services industry launched today. BootB, a product that allows anyone anywhere to respond to the creative briefs of major companies and be paid professional fees for their ideas.
It is a shock to the agency world, as Pier Ludovico Bancale CEO of BootB explains, “For years I was on the client side, with L’Oreal, Johnson and Johnson and Colgate-Palmolive, and I was so frustrated with the lack of creativity which the typical agencies show. I have been speaking with brand owners all over the world, and I’m not alone in my frustrations. BootB would break that pattern with its sheer creativity. Clearly, it is an idea whose time has come.”
Martin Lindstrom, internationally renowned branding expert and adviser to BootB, believes brand owners will benefit from opening up channels to wider creative resources. He believes the concept of ‘unlimited creativity’ ™ which comes from engaging the wider world and not just the experts within typical agencies, will unearth best possible creative executions and deliver maximum impact for marketing budgets.
By bringing creative talent and buyers together, bypassing obstacles to creative thinking and reaching across the world with, ‘out of the box’ thinking,it will provide new talent an audible voice, enabling clients and sellers to meet in unexplored territory.
According to Lindstrom, it is the beginning of the end of established advertising agency models since it introduces brands to powerful new dimensions.
If you have ever seen an ad and thought “I could do that,” (or “I could do better than that,” this product will make it possible.
Anyone with any sort of creative impulse is invited to respond to the creative briefs placed on BootB by major advertisers. Children and housewives in Marrakesh are as eligible as Ad execs on Madison Avenue. And the Ad agencies themselves are welcome too – if they’re not afraid of the competition from the man in the street...
The website, is the brainchild of Pier Ludovico Bancale: “The world is full of creative people – especially children - but most of them have no outlet for their ideas. BootB gives individuals access to a lucrative market where they can win business from top brands. The creative world, thanks to BootB, is now open for business. Anyone, from inside the industry or from outside, can get involved. The BootB message to would-be creatives is Make Your Talent Fly!

How does it work?
The briefs will be published on the site in 12 languages, thus reaching 95% of the global population and giving brand builders access to creative solutions from people across the world.
BootB is already working with some of the world’s biggest brands, people who realize that not all the best ideas come from the great marketing conglomerates in New York or London.

BootB returns 90% of the budget to those who have the best ideas so people are properly rewarded for their efforts
For every brief published, there is a budget tied to it. This is provided via an ESCROW account so the client doesn’t lose any interest on that amount. And with the budget already covered there is no chance that unethical clients will take the ideas and not pay for them.
The website is SSL encrypted to ensure the integrity of the ideas. And the registration process sets up a legally binding contract between the creators and BootB stating that all ideas remain the creator’s property until a client buys the idea.

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