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Friday, June 29, 2007

Adobe AIR Applications

Rob Christensen from Adobe Labs has written a great article on Six must-see Adobe AIR Applications (AIR; formerly code-named Apollo).

The goal of Adobe AIR is to make it very easy to build desktop applications with the skills and technologies web developers are already familiar with such as HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, Flash, ActionScript and Flex. Just as Flash and HTML are designed to run the same on different operating systems, the objective of Adobe AIR is to extend that same concept to desktop applications.

Once the AIR runtime is installed, the same file can be installed on a Mac or Windows (Linux coming soon). Applications built using Adobe AIR have read and write access to the local file system just like a native application. Other features include local SQLite database, drag’n'drop between applications, clipboard support, a simple and painless install, native file pickers, code signing, support for embedding PDF’s and more. Since a web browser is built-in (WebKit), you can also use your favorite AJAX libraries to build applications entirely in HTML and JavaScript. Or, if you want more creative control, you can use Flash and Flex. There are several tools for building AIR applications including Dreamweaver CS3, Aptana (open source), and Flex Builder 3 (public beta). Since the command line tool for building applications is included in the AIR SDK, you can technically use whatever your code editing tool you’re comfortable with.

Rob Wrote: “Since the alpha release of Adobe® Integrated Runtime (AIR; formerly code-named Apollo) on March 19, dozens of next-generation rich Internet applications (RIAs) built on top of the Adobe® AIR™ runtime have been designed, developed, and distributed across the Internet. Internally, the development teams have been inspired by the imagination, creativity, and resourcefulness reflected in the Adobe AIR applications released so far.” …. more»

Rob listed 6 AIR applications, which are:

One more recently launched AIR Application I just saw is Pownce by Digg’s Kevin Rose.

- Via ShekLOG.
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